Heart Centre Biobank in the News

Time Magazine: Biobanking top 10 things changing the world right now!
Now that major banks in the U.S. are getting by on a government bailout, the idea of creating yet another repository to safeguard your most valuable assets might seem downright ludicrous.

Ontario takes big step in cutting-edge stem-cell research
Already considered at the top of their game, Ontario scientists are taking another step to cement their role as one of the best stem-cell hubs in the world.

Rossant leads Ontario Stem Cell research team thanks to $10 million boost from Ontario government
Dr. Janet Rossant, Chief of Research and Senior Scientist in the Developmental & Stem Cell Biology program at SickKids and University Professor in the Departments of Molecular Genetics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Toronto joined Ontarios Minister of Research and Innovation

Heart cells derived from skin cells model properties of cardiac hypertrophy shedding light on reversing diseased cellular phenotypes
The generation of reprogrammed induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from patients with defined genetic disorders holds the promise of increased understanding of the aetiologies of complex diseases and may also facilitate the development of novel therapeutic interventions.

New gene found that causes congenital heart disease!
Congenital heart disease (CHD) is the most common birth abnormality and the etiology is unknown in the overwhelming majority of cases. ISLET1 (ISL1) is a transcription factor that marks cardiac progenitor cells and generates diverse multipotent cardiovascular cell lineages. The fundamental role of ISL1 in cardiac morphogenesis makes this an exceptional candidate gene to consider as a cause of complex congenital heart disease.

1st Annual Heart Centre Biobank Newsletter Released!
The Heart Centre Biobank releases its first annual Participant Newsletter (March 2011) on the theme of Personalized Medicine. The newsletter provides an overview of our progress, new discoveries made by the biobank and what research is currently being conducted. Thank you to all our participants!

New hope for future therapies for complex congenital heart defects
Toronto Star article features the experience of a SickKids patient with the complex congential heart defect, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). The article includes commentary from Dr. Seema Mital, principal investigator of the Heart Centre Biobank, describing significant new steps toward prospective treatments for complex forms of congenital heart disease. Dr. Mital discusses hope for therapies from tissue engineering allowing for the growth of new heart cells.

Heart Centre Biobank releases their 2nd Newsletter
Heart Centre Biobank issues their 2nd Newsletter on the theme of familial genetics

Biobank hosts their 2nd Symposium on Personalized Medicine
The Heart Centre Biobank hosts their 2nd symposium on Personalized Medicine in the Care of the Child with Heart Disease: Discovery to Application on October 27-28th, 2012. Read the summary in events archive for more details.

CHD research at the new SickKids’ research tower (Global TV)
CHD research at the new SickKids’ research tower (Global TV)

SickKids-led study uncovers novel gene that causes rare congenital heart defect
The study is the first in Canada to use large-scale whole-exome sequencing in children born with heart disease and is also the first to demonstrate this genes role in human heart disease.

Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research will improve the future of heart health
SickKids, University Health Network and the University of Toronto announced the creation of the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research funded by an unprecedented donation of $130 million from the Rogers family

4th Paediatric Heart Failure Summit Hosted by SickKids
The summit will bring together international experts to address the challenges of a growing population of childhood heart failure. Speakers will present the current and future landscape of pediatric heart failure including cardiomyopathies, heart failure in congenital heart disease, and acquired heart failure. Speakers will explore novel approaches to prevent, diagnose and treat heart failure with a special focus on Cardiac Precision Medicine and Regenerative Medicine applications. The meeting will be conducted in an interactive format with active audience participation.

How we will change heart failure outcomes
For the third anniversary of the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research, we invited several members to explore what makes this diverse collection of clinicians and researchers so unique — and how we will achieve the “promise of a healthy heart.”

Ted Rogers Heart Centre: Unveiling our first million dollar visionary projects
As the world marks international Heart Month, the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research today announces its first-ever $1 million innovation grants, awarded to world-first projects positioned to alleviate the massive burden of heart failure on patients, loved ones and health-care systems. “Our Centre is uniquely positioned to invest in emerging technology that delivers new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to heart failure,” said Dr. Mansoor Husain, executive director, Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research. “To support our mission of addressing heart failure across the lifespan, we funded a pair of visionary projects that require a generous level of support that most granting agencies aren’t able to provide.”