Inquire about sample availability

To inquire about sample availability, please complete the following project intake form. A representative from the Heart Centre Biobank will contact you to discuss your project and provide you with the Sample Request Form if applicable. Please note that requests are for data and specimens that are currently available in inventory.  

Sample requests apply to existing inventory and routine biobank collections. Collaboration with a SickKids investigator is preferred. The number of samples requested may differ from number of samples approved for release. Requests may not be fulfilled if the proposed study overlaps with concurrent projects and will be based on sample availability and rarity.  

All requests will be reviewed by the Tissue Allocation Committee (TAC). Decisions are based on availability of samples at the time request are reviewed.  Approximate turn-around-time from request through review is 8-12 weeks. The TAC will consider the following in its review:

  • Scientific merit and relevance of proposed research
  • Appropriate and efficient use of samples for proposed research
  • Compatibility with ongoing studies
  • Justification for number of requested specimens  
  • Availability and rarity of requested biospecimens and absence of restrictions on the biospecimens during informed consent.
  • Experience of the requesting laboratory to perform proposed study
  • Sufficient funding to perform proposed research